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Muskogee County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
46A Braggs 84.76
46B Braggs SD (Rural) 84.76
J19B Checotah SD 100.06
3A Fort Gibson 89.27
3C Fort Gibson (No Sinking) 85.67
3B Fort Gibson SD (Rural) 85.67
3B-MUS Fort Gibson SD (Muskogee) 86.96
J6B Gore SD 77.59
2A Haskell 94.85
2A-TAFT Taft 101.51
2B Haskell SD (Rural) 94.85
29B Hilldale SD (Rural) 89.99
29A Hilldale SD (Muskogee) 91.28
29C Hilldale SD (Muskogee - No Sinking) 89.99
J27B Midway SD (Rural) 99.50
J27A Midway SD (Council Hill) 99.50
20A Muskogee 95.24
20A-MT1 Muskogee (20A-MT1) 95.24
20C Muskogee (No Sinking) 93.95
20B Muskogee SD (Rural) 93.95
20B-GBFD Muskogee SD (Rural - Gooseneck Bend FD) 97.82
20B-GBFDV N/A 0.00
8A Oktaha 101.30
8B Oktaha SD (Rural) 101.30
88A Porum 85.49
88B Porum SD (Rural) 85.49
20A-SUM Summit (Muskogee SD) 93.95
9A Wainwright 76.22
9B Wainwright SD (Rural) 76.22
74A Warner 89.34
74B Warner SD (Rural) 89.34
6A Webber Falls 100.36
6B Webber Falls SD (Rural) 100.36
J27A-BOYN Boyn 99.50